EMC Education Services provides training for employees, customers, and partners on EMC’s products and technologies. I was chiefly responsible for designing and developing the front-end of a website that learners use to locate, purchase, register for and consume training.

Some highlights:

  • Worked closely with internal clients to develop and maintain their pages
  • Main designer on a team that conducted a site-wide redesign to display LMS info on our web pages with AJAX
  • Brought UX best practices to our team and clients
Customer Site Redesign

Screenshots of the external customer view homepage in development. The search and account panels pulled information from the Saba Leaning Management System that was the back end of the site.

The primary goal of this redesign was to modernize the navigation, gain page real estate, and align to current EMC branding (circa 2014).

These mock-ups and wireframes were produced for the business owners and were developed by my team and me.

Homepage redesign
Earlier version of the homepage showing open search and account panels
Homepage search panel open
Course details wireframe
Global Services Site Redesign


Global Services is an internal group that covers presales, sales engineering, installations, and maintenance. Employees in this organization are mandated to take a certain amount of training every quarter.

The redesign covered the homepage plus all disciplines within the organization.

Homepage redesign
Role page showing quarterly training by product/technology
Section main page
Section main page
EMC Academic Alliance Site Redesign

The EMC Academic Alliance is a partnership EMC formed with a number of colleges and universities to teach concepts of storage technology. The curriculum is brand agnostic, but the examples leverage EMC products.

The redesign covered the homepage and a limited number of sub-pages.

Homepage screenshot
Curriculum description and resources page
Homepage redesign high fidelity mockup
Early version of homepage
Advanced Course Recommendations

The Advanced Course Recommendation tool was developed by a data scientist on the Education Services team. The proof of concept won an innovation award. I was brought in to help with the UX.

The primary goal of the tool was to provide learners with more search options. Some of the additional search functionality of the app was to allow for:

  • Multiple keywords
  • Expanded filters
  • big data to make associations that the current Learning Managment System couldn’t make
Homepage wireframe
Homepage showing search autocomplete functionality
System Diagram
Advanced search options panel
Search Results page
Maintenance diagram