USPS Change of Address: Mobile

The mobile version of the Change-of-Address application has a distinct code base from the desktop/tablet responsive version. This is mainly due to the amount of multivariate testing we do on the application. The first thing that needed to be addressed when I joined Imagitas was the mobile flow. From there we began to optimize it.

The Mobile product team has taken it through three main phases of redesign:

  1. Breaking the form up to one data element per screen
  2. Testing and iteration: optimizations to the mobile flow
  3. Single page form with ‘mobile first’ UI components on a single page
  4. Other design concepts
One Data Element/ Screen

This design of the mobile USPS change of address app kept the data entry as simple as possible. Below are screenshots of the current page flow of one of the mobile splits in the application. We are testing multiple versions concurrently.

Optimization: Progress Bar

The USPS had requested that earlier designs remove a progress bar, which had been there. We re-pitched the idea to them and it was approved. Here’s what we came up with. It aligns perfectly with current USPS brand guidelines and lets the user know how far along they are in the form submission process while remaining unobtrusive.

Optimization: Combining Fields

We decided to test if combining some of the data collection fields together would help with conversion. Rather than 10 or so pages, this version halves it to 5.

Single Page Design

For this next phase, we wanted to revisit the design of the USPS Change of Address form from a mobile-first perspective. We pulled in UI elements that were standard to mobile apps and condensed the entire form onto one page.

Other Mobile Concepts

Change of Address by SMS

Change-of-address by SMS is a  conversational way to get your mail forwarded at your own pace. It could be promoted in USPS retail locations. Security would be confirmed through the use of a confirmed mobile phone number. The current ID verification fee could still be collected. Other options include an app download call-to-action and/or a seamless exchange to a third party concierge service.

Digital Welcome Kit / Change of Address App

The Digital Welcome Kit would be an online version of the letter sent to the new address of all movers who file a change of address with the USPS.

The USPS approved our plan to package the current mobile Change-of-Address web experience into an app. If accepted into the app store, it could be expanded to:

  • Deliver ‘verified mover’ ads and coupons.
  • Include the information in the printed Change-of-Address Confirmation Letter
  • Track forwarded mail via the ‘yellow stickies’ added by the USPS to every item covered by the forwarding request

The goal is to both provide a service to movers and to extend our partners’ engagement with them.

Identity Verification by Camera or Text

What if you could verify your identity with the USPS another way? This rough concept sketch envisions an experience where a user could choose among a few options to verify who they are.

  • Camera — they would submit a picture of their driver’s license
  • Text — as with the previous concept
  • Or the current experience