After someone finishes the USPS change of address process and before the confirmation page, we have placed a page with our clients’ display ads and coupons. This is the revenue generating component of the flow, which is an important part of Imagitas’ partnership with the Postal Service.

The images below come from a number of our tests, concepts, and process sketches. As with the rest of the change of address application, the mobile and desktop ads exist on separate code bases.

Desktop Advertising


The concept behind this redesign was to keep the existing layout but update and add interactivity through a ‘coupons selected’ counter.

Redesign showing selected offers & counter
Redesign showing ‘text offers’ dialog
Other Designs
‘Premium Partner’

Mobile Advertising

Coupon Grid

For the mobile versions of the ads, we were able to  optimize them for small screen display, while adding ‘click-to-call’ and ‘add-to-a-digital-wallet’ functionality.

Side by side Tiles
Stacked Tiles
Stacked Tiles w/ Offer Details
‘Text Offers’ Modal
Web Coupons

If a user texts themselves the coupons, they land on this page.

Landing Page
Coupon Details
Coupon Detail Showing Links
Other Coupon Page Layouts

We explored multiple designs before landing on the versions we decided to test.

‘Wallet-like’ Coupons
‘Wallet-like’ Coupon Detail
Vertically Stacked Tiles
Horizontally Stacked Tiles
Process Sketches
Desktop Tiered Categories
Animation Detail
Web Coupon Layout
Mobile Coupon Interface
Responsive Grid
Mobile Coupon Interface
Mobile Coupon Interface