The Imagitas digital product team has two goals: first to optimize the experience for increased conversion and second to increase the size of the sales funnel. To increase conversion, we focus on making the change of address process as frictionless as possible. To increase the size of the funnel we focus on getting movers to switch from going into a post office to changing their address online.

Our activities have kept the overall online change of address numbers flat – a metric that we have defined as success – it shows that we have slowed the trend of the past few years and actually created a lift of 1-2% per year.

During my time designing on the Mover’s Guide Online product team we have taken it through three main phases of redesign:

1.    UI update with page flow consistent with earlier versions

2.    Consolidation of data collection fields

3.    Consolidation of privacy info and ICOA benefits with data collection fields

4.    Other design concepts

UI Update

Before and after versions of the first redesign effort — one of my first projects with Imagitas. The redesign went beyond a simple rebrand. Here are some the features we updated:

  1. New UI controls
  2. Error styling
  3. Form fields
  4. Radio buttons
  5. Calendar picker
Before: Form Page 1 Move Type
After: Form Page 1 with Privacy Information
Page 1: Move Type
Page 1: Help Accordions Open
Page 1: Error Messages
Page 1: Calendar Picker

This is the default page flow (‘ICOA’ is the internal name for the USPS change of address product).

Our testing mainly consisted of attempting to reduce the number of pages in the change of address form. Our thesis was that by reducing steps there would be less drop off along the process. Fewer steps mean less friction for the user and (hopefully) a greater conversion rate.

Consolidation of Data Collection Fields

After the first redesign, we decided to test consolidating the form to one page. An interim step toward this goal was to create a version that only combined the data collection fields onto one page while keeping the rest of the flow intact.

Another feature of this redesign is moving the email collection field up in the order. This coincided with the release of an email sent to users that didn’t complete the form but supplied an email address. Sending this email has resulted in a significant number of users returning to complete their changes of address.

I designed two versions of this to test against each other.

Form Page 1 with Privacy Information Remained As Is
Single Page Data Collection Form – Version 1
Single Page Data Collection Form – Version 2

These are the first versions of the consolidated page flow. We dropped one page and reordered the fields. Interestingly our testing showed that the conversion rate was almost identical to the default version.

Single Page Change of Address Form

On the third version of the Change of Address redesign, we combined the privacy information as well as the data collection fields onto a single page.

I designed two versions of this to test against each other.

Single Page Data Collection Form – Version 1
Single Page Data Collection Form – Version 2

This is the most consolidated version of the form. We found that this version performed on par with the other two versions.

Other Home Page Design Concepts
Hero Image
Hero Image Alternate
Hero Image with Explanation
Hero Image with Explanation Alternate
Hero Image Alternate
Hero Image Alternate
Comparison Table